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At Leica Camera, it has always been our goal to deliver customer care beyond the expectations of our customers and brand aficionados. Leica offers you a well-developed worldwide service network. We are there to support you and your Leica product anywhere.

Our clients’ needs are our top priority. From initial consultation and purchase to maintenance and data recovery, we attach great importance to individual solutions.


Leica Customer Care - Individual Leathering

Customisable Leatherette in Germany

Treat your analogue Leica M to a unique design upgrade. Give your digital and analogue Leica M cameras even more style with a brand new premium leather trim, personalised engraving and other high-quality options.

Choose from three different finishes for your Leica M. Black paint finish is the classic Leica look; after prolonged use, the brass edges and corners will show beautifully through the lacquer.

Black chrome finish is very resistant and unobtrusive, and the silver chrome finish underlines the elegance of Leica M design.

You love your camera and fancy giving it an individual look?

Then simply select your favourite from the following Leica-tested, certified full cowhide leathers and contact our Customer Care representatives. Our classic leather colours remain available.

We will renew the leather of your Leica M, Q or CL camera tailor-made to your wishes.

If you would like to add another personal touch to your camera, we recommend an individual engraving. Be it name, monogram or graphic elements – we will be pleased to show you all possibilities to make your camera truly unique.


    Leica Customer Care - Personal Engraving

    Distinctively personal

    Each camera becomes unique with an engraving.

    If you would like to turn your camera into an absolutely unique piece, we recommend our exclusive engraving service. Name, monogram, graphic elements or symbols give each camera an unmistakable touch.

    Since not every camera type is equally suitable for every engraving method, we are happy to check the possibilities in advance. For this individual service we calculate the price according to time expenditure.

    A text in standard font.

    Contact us for more info


      Leica Customer Care - Service Certificate

        The Leica Service Certificate

        As a special service, we offer the opportunity to have your products tested on our Leica-certified measuring and testing instruments according to specified criteria, regardless of the age of the product.

        After your camera or lens has successfully passed the test, we will issue an original Leica Service Certificate including a warranty of 12 months from the date of inspection.

        The Leica Service Certificate is available for the following products:

        • All Leica M lenses


        • Leica M9 | Leica M9-P
        • Leica M Monochrom  | Leica M Monochrom (Typ 246)
        • Leica M-E
        • Leica M (Typ 240) | Leica M-P (Typ 240)
        • Leica M (Typ 262) |
        • Leica M10 | Leica M10-P | Leica M10-D
        • Leica SL
        • Leica Q

        Prices & Terms

        Service Certificate for M lenses: RM950 per lens

        Service Certificate for cameras: RM950 per camera

        If your product does not pass all test criteria, we will provide you with an optional quote for all the work necessary to successfully obtain the Service Certificate including the 12-month warranty.

        If you do not wish to have this work carried out, you will receive the Service Certificate at a price of RM900 without the 12-month warranty.

        The test criteria for each product are

        M lenses:

        • Visual Inspection
        • Optical performance inspection
        • Focal length measurement
        • Focus position measurement
        • Focusing mount inspection
        • Aperture inspection

        Leica M cameras

        • Visual Inspection
        • Leica Production Test
        • Sensor Inspection
        • Viewfinder Inspection
        • Shutter Speed Inspection
        • Shutter Counter

        Leica SL camera

        • Visual Inspection
        • Leica Production Test
        • Sensor Inspection
        • EVF Inspection
        • OIS Inspection
        • Shutter Speed Inspection
        • Shutter Counter

        Leica Q

        • Visual Inspection
        • Leica Production Test
        • EVF Inspection
        • OIS Inspection
        • Shutter Speed Inspection
        • Lens Inspection
        • Shutter Counter