Kieron Long captures real-life scenes using Leica monochrome, telling stories in his images with two fundamental colours – black and white, the very essence of photography.

As a student of history and art, Kieron believes in framing the present for posterity. He documents moments of everyday life in his hometown, Kuching in East Malaysia, and wherever his travels may take him.

Kieron’s photos usually feature an individual hero, a lone protagonist, or small groups of people of great character in their natural environment, be it their home, business establishment, place of play, or following their time-honoured traditions. It could be moments of pleasure or pain, struggle or survival, relaxation or work, romance or loneliness, hope or despair, exploration or introspection……to Kieron, these are worthy to be photographed and documented for wider attention and greater appreciation.

Kieron has an amazing record of having over 200 images featured in Leica Fotografie International Gallery, a platform for photographs to be curated by professional editors and presented to the public.

Be ready to be inspired with Kieron’s monochrome series with Leica!

“Q2 Monochrom, the world’s first full-frame digital compact camera with a dedicated monochrome sensor, is perfect for my style of photography. It gives me the legendary Leica look in black and white. I can paint with light and sculpt with shadows to capture reality in timeless images. The true heritage of Leica, all in this magical monochrome.”