Low Light photography is one of the most difficult genres to learn and master because of the various complexities associated with working in low and difficult lighting. This workshop aims to address those challenges head on and give students the best understanding of how to come up with striking results in any situation.


Topics to include:

  • Learn to identify potential lighting scenarios where you can be most creative
  • Overcome fears of shooting in difficult lighting
  • Master manual exposure for greater control and consistency with less post processing
  • Create new possibilities by exploring cinematic mood and tone
  • Foundation of mixing available light with LED or flash lighting


Who should apply:

Photographers looking to bring low light photography to a higher level and those who has a strong focus on portraiture.

Photography skill: Basic experience with manual exposure

Date         : 7th July 2020 | Tuesday

Time.        : 8.00pm Kuala Lumpur

Presenter : Kristian Dowling

Fees.        : RM 460.00

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