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LEICA M10-R, Black chrome finish



Thanks to its completely new developed sensor architecture, the photographer benefits from an increased resolution
and astonishing low-light performance.

  • 40 megapixel sensor with outstanding image quality.
  • Increased dynamic range, state-of-art low-light performance.
  • Made in Germany represents the highest quality standards.
  • Exploiting the full potential of Leica M lenses.
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Increased resolution for highest detail rendition

With a resolution of over 40 megapixels, the Leica M10-R’s newly developed image sensor is able to capture even the finest textures and details. Its base sensitivity of ISO 100, combined with fast Leica M-Lenses, makes it easy and flexible for shooting wide open and achieving maximum background blur and strong bokeh even in bright daytime light.

On the other end of the spectrum, the new sensor allows for a longer maximum exposure time of 16 minutes, lending the user more creative freedom when capturing star trails, motion blur or bringing out the tiniest amount of light in a nighttime landscape. All of this versatility at these new heights of resolution and higher dynamic range make the M10-R an imaging powerhouse for any application.


Special components for an exceptional performance

The Leica M10-R is more than just a big megapixel count. Its image quality is supported further by other vital components to ensure a complete package of imaging prowess. The super quiet mechanical shutter, first established with the Leica M10-P, allows for stealthy operation and minimal vibrations to minimize camera shake and help ensure sharper photos.

The Maestro II processor yields lossless compression of raw files for manageable file sizes containing incredible amounts of detail. Every bit of the camera is focused on offering unprecedented quality with real everyday benefits to the user’s photographic life.


The perfect combination: taking excellence to new heights

The Leica M10-R’s high resolution sensor is optimized when paired with some of the best lenses in the world: Leica M-Lenses.
Each lens in the M family from Leica is an engineering marvel of sharpness, compactness and image signature that comes alive when mounted to a Leica M camera.

From the super compact Elmarit-M 28 f/2.8 ASPH. to the razor-thin depth of field of the Summilux-M 90 f/1.5 ASPH. and the flagship performance of the APO-Summicron-M 50 f/2 ASPH, the M10-R fully realizes the capabilities of the prime M-Lens it is paired with.

Product information M10-R, black chrome finish

The essentials:

  • Compact digital view and rangefinder system camera
  • 40 Megapixel CMOS M-Sensor
  • ISO 100 to ISO 50000
  • Exposure times up to 16 min.
  • Touchscreen
  • Ultra-silent shutter
  • Made in Germany


Product description:

At the birth of the first Leica M in 1954, simplicity, timelessness and engineering were at the core of the design. Nearly 70 years later, the M10 family is still rooted in the same visionary excellence. With the latest addition of the M10-R, we welcome a new icon into the world of photography.

  • More detail in every image
  • Optimised for all lighting conditions
  • Silent shutter
  • Legendary design
  • The whole portfolio of lenses
  • Connect and share

Scope of delivery:

Leica M10-R | Carrying strap | Battery | Charger & Cables | Quick start guide | 3 months trial Adobe Lightroom

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Technical Datasheet

Quick-Start Guide


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