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Introducing the new Leica SL – a brand new mirrorless system camera from Leica, offering an impressive set of specifications and innovative features, and delivering exceptional Leica quality.

The essentials:

  • Designed and crafted in Germany
  • Streamlined design with new status menus
  • Improved ergonomics for stress-free shooting in any situation
  • CMOS sensor with 47 megapixels for superior image quality
  • New Leica Object Detection Autofocus
  • In-body stabilization through sensor-shift technology
  • Leica EyeRes® viewfinder with 5.7MP resolution
  • Maestro III processor for ultra-fast operation
  • Perfect tool for cinematographers
  • L-Mount bayonet


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Limited time offer: Leica SL2 Bundles. 

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Meet a new icon in the world of mirrorless technology and discover the most advanced professional photography systems on the market.

Revolutionised image quality

The SL2’s brand new full-frame CMOS sensor features 47.3 megapixels (almost double of the original SL) and was designed to minimise stray light by using only two glass surfaces: an RGB filter and a UV/IR filter. This design enables the maximum amount of light to reach the sensor, contributing to the SL2’s incredible image performance in all lighting conditions.

With an improved sensor, the new SL2 needed to be fitted with an upgraded processor. The new Maestro III processor is just that. Specifically developed for the specifications of the SL2, this processor was made to capture fast-moving subjects and can do so at a consecutive exposure rate of up to 20 frames per second.

In-body stabilisation

A brand-new addition to the SL2 is the new multi-axis in-body stabiliser, which allows you use slower shutter speeds and longer lenses without the use of a tripod. This adds to the SL2’s perfect portability, a key advantage unmatched by photography and cinematography equipment of this calibre.

Made for Video

The SL2 is the first complete mirrorless system made to fully cater to both photography and videography professionals. A completely redesigned user interface menu allows you to switch between photo and video modes, giving instant access to only the relevant settings. All settings within video mode are video-specific, essentially making the SL2 two entirely separate cameras combined in a single body. Furthermore, Cine Mode allows you to change the exposure terminology to that used in the cinematography industry (ie: F-Stops turn to T-Stops, ISO to ASA).

The SL2 has the ability to shoot video in 4k resolution at 60 fps using the full sensor size, making it comparable to top-of-the-line cinema equipment and allowing you to screen footage at maximum resolution even on the biggest movie screens. At 30 fps, the SL2 is even capable of 5k resolution at a 4:3 ratio.

Both card slots of the SL2 are now UHS-II compatible. This enables 4K at 30fps in 10bit (4:2:2) to be recorded directly to the internal memory cards, without the need for an external recorder. This makes the SL2 particularly versatile when shooting on-location and on the go. In-built headphone and mic jacks are complemented by a fully-fledged HDMI connector should an external monitor be required, no adapter necessary.

Intelligent Autofocus

A significant milestone in technological advancement is brought to light in the SL2’s new autofocus. Set up with 225 autofocus metering fields and state-of-the-art face and body detection, getting a razor-sharp image of moving subjects has never been easier. Additionally to the classic AFc and AFs, the SL2’s iAF mode can be deployed to independently decide which AF mode best matches your needs.

There are now four fully customisable autofocus profiles. The Wildlife profile, for instance, caters to unpredictable movements and will automatically lower the autofocus’ depth-sensitivity responsiveness to account for subjects becoming obscured by their natural habitat.

Low-light performance

With a new, advanced sensor and improved processor, the SL2 takes it yet another step further in low-light performance. The ISO range of 50-50,000 covers an array of lighting scenarios and the 14-stop dynamic range allows you to push shadows without blowing out highlights in post-production.

Further to that, the SL2’s electronic viewfinder was made to excel in any kind of lighting condition. The improved EyeRes viewfinder was cast out of a combination of glass and metal and features a medium format like magnification and a 5.76-megapixel resolution, making it the most immersive electronic viewfinder on the market today. With the option to change the refresh rate of the EVF up to 120fps, even quick panning movements maintain a steady image.

The ability to turn off automatic noise-reduction allows you to fire off one long exposure after the other without delay between shots.

Intuitive handling

In addition to the newly separated menus for still and moving images, the SL2 features a completely redesigned menu interference which has been streamlined to three buttons to the rear (a design users of other Leica systems will be familiar with), and a further five fully customisable buttons to easily access your favourite functions.

The rear LCD monitor is 3.5 inches and has 2.1 megapixels. Gorilla glass makes the display resistant to fingerprints and scratches while allowing full touch controls for menu navigation and autofocusing.

Evolution of design

The top and bottom plates of the SL2 are made of a single plate of machine-cut aluminium while the body is made of die-cast magnesium, putting longevity and durability at the heart of the design. The original SL’s leatherette has been used to cover the full extent of the body, improving the camera’s grip. A finger-recess on the front of the grip further enhances the camera’s ease of holding, additionally supported by a body that is lighter than its predecessor.

Sealed with an official IP54 rating, the SL2 can withstand water spray from all directions and can be used in extreme weather conditions of -10 to +40 degrees Celsius.


In the SL2’s new Multishot mode, the camera records up to 8 frames and merges them together to create a super-high-resolution DNG file of 187 megapixels.

Maximum compatibility.

The SL lens catalogue currently features eight individual lenses, with focal lengths ranging from 16mm to 280mm, with more in development. With the SL2’s native L-Mount, its range of compatible lenses is further expanded by 6 lenses in the Leica TL lens catalogue and a wide array of lenses as part of the L-Mount alliance.

Through specialised adapters, the SL2 can also mount over 70 Leica M lenses, 16 Leica S lenses, 51 Leica R lenses and the full range of Leica Cine lenses.

Leica FOTOS App and firmware updates

The SL2 is fully compatible with the Leica FOTOS App for iOS and Android, allowing you to control the SL2 directly from your smartphone or using your device as a portable live screen.

With regular updates to the App as well as the camera’s native firmware, technological advances to your SL2 are guaranteed on a regular basis and backed by a team of support technicians.

Weight 847 g

Mirrorless Fullframe System Camera

Lens Mount

Leica L-Mount


Milled Aluminium

Image Sensor

24-Mp-Cmos-Sensor (24 × 36 Mm)

Iso Range

Iso 50–iso 50000


Contrast Af

Focus Modes

Af-S (Focus Priority), Af-C (Shutter Priority), Mf, Touch-Af

Exposure Modes

Program Mode (P), Shutter Speed Priority Mode (T), Aperture Priority Mode (A) And Manual Mode (M)

Exposure Metering

Center Weighted, Multi Zone, Spot

Metering Range

For Iso 100/21° Ev -2 To Ev 20

Shutter And Release

Shutter’ Rubberised-Cloth Horizontal-Run Focal Plane Shutter ; Extremely Low-Noise Operation, Mechanically Controlled. ‘Shutter Speeds’ From 1S To 1/1000 S In Whole Steps, b For Long Exposures Of Any Duration, “Flashsymbol” (1/50S) For Flash Synchronisat

Shutter Speed

1/8000 S To 60 S, Time Exposures Up To 30 Min, Max. Frame Rate 11 Fps; 1/8000 S To 1/16000 S Using Electronic Shutter Mode

Flash Synch Time

1/250 S


2.95″ Touch Back Light Led With Anti-Fingerprint And Anti-Scratch Coating; 1.04 Mio. Pixels; Format 3:2; View Angle: 170°; Colors: 16 Million; Frame Coverage: 100 %


Large, Bright-Line Viewfinder With Automatic Parallax Compensation Of Horizontal And Vertical According To The Focusing Setting. ‘Framing’ Projection Of Pairs Of Bright-Line Frames : For 28 And 90 Mm (90 Mm Frame Only In Leica Mp 0.85) Or For 35 And 135 M

White Balance

Preset Auto, Daylight 5200 K, Cloudy 6000 K, Shade 7000 K, Tungsten 3200 K, Hmi 5600 K, Fluorescent Warm 4000 K, Fluorescent Cool 4500 K, Flash 5400 K, Greycard, Manual Color Temperature 2000 K To 11500 K

Video Recording Format

Mp4, Mov

Movie Resolution

4K (4096 × 2160) @ 24 Fps; 4K (3840 × 2160) @ 25 And 30 Fps; 1080 @ 24, 25, 30, 50, 60, 100 And 120 Fps; 720 @ 24, 25, 30, 50, 60, 100 And 120 Fps

Audio Recording

Manual/Auto; Stereo Microphone, 48 Khz, 16 Bit; Wind Elimination

Power Source

Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery, Nominal Voltage 8.4 V, Capacity At Least 1860 Mah; Lifetime Per Charge (Cipa): Approx. 400 Shoots; Charging Time: Approx. 180 Min; Charger: 100–240 V, 50/60 Hz, 0.25 A, With Adapters

Sensor Cleaning



Usb 3.0 Micro Type B; Hdmi Type A; Multi Connector Adapter For Audio-Out 3.5 Mm/Audio-In 3.5 Mm; Multi Connector Cable Release; Iso Accessory Shoe With Center And Control Contacts For Flash Units; Standard X-Jack; Multifunctional Interface In Baseplate Fo


(W X H X D) 138 Mm X 77 Mm X 38 Mm, / 5.43″ X 3.03″ X 1.49″

Weight Leica

Approx. 771/847 G (Without/With Battery)

Items Supplied

Camera Body, Camera Strap, Lens Mount Cap, Battery, Battery Charger With International Adapter, Usb 3.0-Cable, Manual, Warranty Card, Leica Lens Cleaning Tissue

Software Licenses Supplied

Remote Control (Usb): Leica Image Shuttle Sl; Remote Control (Wi-Fi): Leica Sl App (Android/Ios)